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Cousins Tackle Launches New Line of Classic Figerglass Saltwater Rods

Cousins Tackle Corp. has introduced a full line of Classic Fiberglass Saltwater Rods combining “traditional” rugged E-Glass construction and old-world American craftsmanship with precision actions designed for todayʼs live bait and jig fishing techniques.


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Among the nearly 20 new Cousins “Classic” models are many ideal for casting smaller live baits like anchovies — a lost skill many anglers are having to re-acquaint themselves with to make the most of this summerʼs offshore opportunities. Hereʼs the scenario: Waves of bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and dorado have moved into U.S. waters, and they show no signs of stopping. Signs point to an El Nino fishery that will provide exciting fishing for local exotics through the fall. At the same time, the large sardines that have “spoiled” West Coast anglers have become a rare commodity — particularly for private boaters. As a result, anglers are finding it necessary to adapt “finesse” techniques for local tuna and exotics, including the “lost art” of flylining small live baits on 15- or 20-pound test.

“Old-school” saltwater anglers will instantly recognize classic model numbers/actions such as the 196, 270, 270-8, 870 and 210 — rods designed for casting small baits long distances. The new Cousin fiberglass rods bearing these numbers, however, take fishing performance to a new level.

Updated actions fine-tuned by Cousinsʼ rod-crafting expert Wade Cunningham result in lightweight rods that donʼt just cast well, they also let fishermen “put the wood” to offshore gamefish.

Each of these new rods is built from the blank up in Cousinsʼ Huntington Beach, California factory, using the finest materials, components and attention to detail. Cousins Classic Fiberglass Rods feature durable Hypalon sponge-rubber grips, Fuji reel seats and Fuji aluminum oxide guides that are triple-wrapped and treated with three coats of slow-cure UV coating for durability and good looks.

The new line also includes four 8- and 9-foot jigging models with cork-tape handles finished with traditional Turkʼs Head wrappings. The family also includes some serious “bluefin busters,” 30-60 and 40-80 pound rated bait rods featuring machined aluminum reel seats, gimbaled butts and special heavy-duty guides (great for panga or fly-in anglers). These rods deliver the power and quality features to beat even the toughest tuna or burly Baja yellowtail.

Like every Cousins rod, each new Classic Fiberglass rod is given a unique serial number at the time of manufacture and is backed by Cousins Limited Lifetime Warranty and Factory Service. These premium quality, American-made rods are offered through authorized Cousins Tackle dealers and carry MAP prices ranging from $250-$300. During a special promotional period through Labor Day, Cousins and its dealers are offering discounts and Instant Cash Rebates that can substantially reduce what fishermen pay “outthe- door” on these and all Cousins rods.

For more information on the new Cousins Classic Fiberglass rod family — or the companyʼs 300-plus American-made rod models for freshwater, inshore, bay and saltwater fishing, visit your authorized Southern California Cousins Tackle dealer or go online to

About Cousins Tackle Corporation
Cousins Tackle Corporation is run by real-life cousins and fishing industry legends Bill Buchanan and Wade Cunningham, who together helped create iconic brands including Sage, Seeker, Fenwick, Sevenstrand, Berkeley, Spiderwire, Stren, Abu Garcia, Abel and Shikari. Cousins manufactures a full line of premium quality rods for most styles of fresh and saltwater fishing, as well as a selection of proven trolling lures and skirts, all in its Huntington Beach, California facility. American made Cousins products are available nationwide through select independent fishing tackle retailers.