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Crevalle 26 Bay

For young, Florida boating families there isn’t a more perfect platform than a well-designed and fully equipped bay boat. Capable of running the shallows, venturing over the horizon and resting at the sandbar, these proven platforms provide the versatility needed to enjoy a variety of on-the-water activities to keep everyone involved and entertained. With a namesake to one of the most voracious and opportunistic coastal predators in existence, Crevalle Boats definitely appeal to angling enthusiasts, but the experienced builders are well aware that time on the water isn’t always spent strictly fishing.


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Crevalle 26 Bay

Family always comes first and starting at the bow of the Crevalle 26 Bay you’ll notice the unique and comfortable plush deck lounge with collapsible backrests that let the wife and kids relax. If the plan for the day is more focused on fishing, the unique seating arrangement is fully removable and lends access to numerous storage hatches that maximize the available under-deck space. Port and starboard forward rod lockers provide storage for five 7’6” rods per side, with additional under gunnel storage for rods up to 8’0”. A 20-gallon baitwell and dedicated anchor locker complete the spacious, well planned casting platform.

At the console you’ll notice Crevalle’s trademark gunmetal helm face that knocks down secondary glare and helps to reduce eye fatigue from long days under the sun. Twin level integrated foot rests and room for a 12-inch multifunction display complete the ergonomic and spacious command center. Notable standard features include an epoxy coated aluminum fuel tank, raw water washdown, 1100 GPH bilge pump, custom pop-up cleats, LED under gunnel lights, illuminated cup holders, twin 72-quart removable coolers, dual 28-gallon release wells and in-deck storage compartment perfectly molded to fit a 5 gallon bucket. Although there are a lot of great bay boats to choose from, the Crevalle 26 is a family friendly option that’s focused on reliability, durability, and excellence in design with quality components. Combined with the highest levels of engineering and quality in construction and there’s not much left to be desired. From the boat ramp to the flats, or the dock to the sandbar, there are few bay boats on the market that meet eye to eye with the Crevalle 26 Bay. Crevalle Boats,

– L.O.A. 25’6″
– Beam 8’6″
– Draft 12″
– Fuel Capacity 83 gal
– Weight 3,100 lb
– Max HP 300
– MSRP $87,850

*Model may be shown with optional features

Sea Star JP4060

For shallow water enthusiasts operating large bay boats that draft 12 or more inches of water, there isn’t a more beneficial aftermarket accessory than a hydraulic jack plate. Rated for engines up to 300 HP, the SeaStar 6 inch setback jack plate features a new high-speed hydraulic actuator that completes full bottom to top cycling in only 8.5 seconds. While jack plates enable anglers to operate their boats in the shallows without risk of damaging the fragile ecosystem, they also reduce turbulence around the engine which allows the prop to bite in cleaner water, effectively improving speed, fuel economy and handling characteristics.

MSRP: $1,211. 30