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Deadrise Custom Boats Zero18

Edgewater, FL- After more than two years of exhaustive R&D, Deadrise Custom Boats will begin production of the new Zero18 technical poling skiff late this year. 


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Crafted on the shores of Mosquito Lagoon by a fourth-generation Florida boat builder, the 18’2″ skiff is designed to meet the demands of local waters with minimal poling and planing draft; exceptional handling and stealth on the pole; clean, roomy decks for fly casting; effective spray rails for windy afternoon runs home; and enough space for three anglers.

Thanks to an innovative build process, the Zero18’s deck layout is completely customizable with a variety of hatches, lockers, and live and pitch wells positioned according to the buyer’s specification. Available in center console, side console and tiller versions, the Zero18 draws 4″ to 7″ depending on options, power and load and hits 40 mph loaded for fishing with a 70 hp outboard — the rated maximum.

All parts are vacuum-infused with vinylester resin and cored with specific-density foam for light weight, strength and rigidity, while a variety of design innovations improve both aesthetics and function. For instance, all hatch hinges are completely concealed, while hatch gutters drain directly overboard — rather than into the bilge or cockpit — via hidden openings under the integrated spray rails.

A side-console Zero18 with forward and aft dry storage hatches, a 60 hp engine of the buyer’s choice, and an aluminum Rolls Axle trailer with aluminum wheels and stainless hubs will start around $40,000.

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