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Deep Ocean Apparel Introduces the New Performance Gloves

Rhode Island – Our performance glove is our most innovative product to date. Compatible with all touch screens. This multi purpose piece will NEVER limit you from using your touch screen electronics. Whether it’s marking the spot on the GPS or unlocking the phone to take a quick picture.


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Other key features include dexterous fingers that allow you to fully close and open your hand, a spandex top that stretches for a snug fit, velcro strap and offered in 3 sizes. What makes this glove so different is the no-slip rubber palm that will always give you a safe grip on the steering wheel and the gaff where grips often are lacking!

About Deep Ocean Apparel

DEEP was founded from a desperate need of a clothing company that allowed us to wear the same outfit from the boat to the bar. Some options were too formal and showed every little stain from a day of offshore fishing. Other options seemed lumpy and laden with heavy graphics. Others looked like the whole rainbow threw up on a piece of fabric. Mostly a lot of the shirts we found to retain odor and stains that never rid itself even after repeated washing. And after we washed them so often we found that they shrunk!

Ultimately, there wasn’t anything out there that reflected US. It was a no win. We weren’t alone. Therefore our founders set out to change it. By combining the sizings, style and logo placements observed in the surf/skate market and the technical aspects and function of the outdoors market we stumbled upon a product that looked authentic and felt comfortable. We stuck with clean designs that incorporated a focus on a solid color along side one version of our various logos. We purposely select pieces that not only stand up to repeated wear but are pre-shrunk and also have the comfort and fit to add a stylish confidence to the person wearing it.

DEEP is meant for the individual that prides themselves on looking good and feeling good while doing what they love: spending time on the water at the beach and following it all up with cold beer at the bar…or two. Live Your Obsession has become our mantra. Our clothing will always aim to serve that


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