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Wow, the month of June was a blur! I fished every single day, often twice a day and our main target was our state water Red Snapper. The snapper did not disappoint and the bite remained steady through June and has continued to be solid into July. The fish have become a little skittish now and are certainly feeling the pressure of our short season but they are still fairly easy to catch. I have had success with long flouro leaders and some days have even downgraded to as little as 30lb to get the bite. My customers have also been bringing some very nice mangrove snapper over the rail with the biggest weighing in at a solid 9 lbs. The occasional cobia has also been joining the party. I absolutely can’t wait until trigger fish opens back up as they are almost begging to be caught. They are so thick on many of the spots you can hardly get a bait down to the snapper. The king mackerel bite has remained steady as well with most of my fish coming on the downriggers. The kings have been very particular to spanish sardines the last couple weeks and have not touched any hardtails I have offered. As state water snapper season winds down I will be switching from snapper fishing to grouper fishing so hopefully the gags and reds will be hungry!


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Photo: Captain Adam Peeples

I also ran a couple of blue water trolling trips during June. It was a long, long run to good water but some of the rips and weedlines I was fortunate enough to find were absolutely epic. We brought in mixed bags of Mahi and wahoo, released a beautiful white marlin, and battled a giant yellowfin tuna for over an hour and a half only to be heartbroken with a pulled hook right under the boat. The blue water still remains around 90NM from Destin but there are still some good fish being caught in the areas of the nipple and elbow trolling the color change from dirty green to clean green water.

We have had a string of absolutely great weather and I sure hope it continues right through the summer and into fall. Good luck out there!

Captain Adam Peeples

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