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D Vein Offers A New Way To Clean Lobster

Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Forget everything you know about cleaning lobster! D Vein has created the best possible tool to clean your lobster, but we didn’t want to stop there. What color do we manufacture? Red, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, an even better blue? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! A great idea is nothing without execution. Turns out execution is easier said than done. The process of creating the D Vein – Lobster Intestinal Remover Tool took over 700 hours. That’s as if we worked for 1 month straight without sleeping, eating, or …You get the idea.


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D Vein Company, is an energetic and dynamic young company that specializes in designing and manufacturing safe and convenient products for all lobster species. The company just launched their first product called the ‘D Vein Lobster Tool,’ which removes the intestinal tract from the lobster more efficiently than any alternative method. The company strives to produce the highest quality, FDA food grade compliant products, to satisfy the customers needs.

The company works hard in establishing long lasting relationships with their customers and values them not just as friends, but also as family. D Vein Company would like to welcome you to the D Vein Team, and encourages you to dive in and catch some lobsters.

D Vein Company believes in supporting the local community and organizations. This year, the company has supported the ”The 5 Gyres Institute”, “Oceanic Preservation Society” and “Oceana”. The company will always continue to support the community and foundations that save and help keep the oceans clean for the next generations by donating 10% of its net profits. D Vein Company believes a little can make a big difference in the world today!

Website: Dveincompany