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Don’t Get Lost At Sea- Be Prepared

Sunrise, FL-  Safety equipment is often stored under seats, in gunwales or under bunks making it difficult to locate in a time of emergency. Life Cell however combines all of this essential safety equipment in a flotation device which significantly reduces the chance of these safety items being lost or unable to be found in time to abandon the vessel. If you do end up in the water, Life Cell will not only keep you afloat it will keep everybody together and provide a stable platform from which to operate your safety equipment at the appropriate time.


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  • Light weight flotation device
  • High visibility
  • Fire, impact, and UV resistant
  • Easy grip handles
  • Quick release from bracket
  • Floats off bracket if submerged


  • Keeps safety equipment together
  • Easy to access in time of emergency
  • Simple to use, even for the novice boater
  • Keeps people together in the water
  • Ensures compliance with maritime authorities

Life Cells have been built to the highest standards and have passed all independent testing

  • 3/16” (4mm) thick Polyethylene.
  • Impact Resistant – Drop tested to 100ft (30m).
  • Fire Resistant – Exposed to a naked flame.
  • Fuel Resistant – Soaked in Diesel oil for 24 hours.
  • Temperature Cycled – -22°F to 149°F (-22°C – 65°C)
  • UV Resistant – UV rating 8.
  • Float-free Bracket – Life Cells will float free of bracket if boat becomes submerged.
  • Filled with closed cell PU foam – Therefore unable to absorb water even if casing is damaged.
  • 316 stainless steel inserts and 3/16” (4mm) stainless steel hinge bar.
  • Lanyards are supplied with each Life Cell corresponding to the number of people the Life Cell can assist. These ensure that users can tether themselves to the device in the event of fatigue or high seas.

In addition to saving lives, Life Cell’s mission is also to reduce the cost of lengthy maritime rescue operations, make routine Maritime inspections more efficient and get maritime safety back on the public agenda.

Phone: (954) 845-0411