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Dynovatech Offers Florida Sport Fishing Fans Special Discount

Greensboro, GA-  Dynovatech LLC is a specialty chemical company that is committed to bringing innovative protective treatments to market that exceed the current offerings in the consumer market. We currently service the sporting, recreation, and pet care markets.


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We manufacture and distribute the markets first products that stop the unsightly staining and smells created by mold and mildew, water borne soiling and UV damage all in one easy to use formulation. Widely used by the marine, RV and concrete industries for the prevention of staining on virtually any surface. Our “spray and wipe” products will dramatically reduce the maintenance and cleaning time traditionally spent keeping surfaces looking clean and fresh.

Dynovatech currently has the following products on the market: Line & Lure® fishing line conditioner, BTS® All Surface Marine Protectant and ArmaShield® Universal Protectant.

Now, as a limited time offer, Florida Sport Fishing fans can now get 20% off all of our products by visiting:

Line and Lure Conditioner: