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East Cape Vantage

Designed with the goal of a truly hybrid platform featuring skiff appeal and bay boat ride, East Cape’s Vantage is quickly gaining popularity among serious inshore enthusiasts. Geared towards the do-it-all crowd looking for the most versatile skiff ever, East Cape began working on their top secret Vantage three years ago to fill the void between tippy technical skiffs and bulky bay boats. The result is a fast platform that can easily and effectively pole shallows, yet cross open water with ease. If you’re an enthusiastic tarpon angler patiently waiting for the approaching season, this may very well be the perfect boat for you.


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East Cape Vantage

Like all the skiffs in East Cape’s lineup, you can only expect the highest quality construction techniques, with an advanced vacuum infused construction process yielding the lightest, strongest, and most air-void free composites. In addition to improved quality control, the infusion process prevents the emission of environmentally harmful vapors. The layout of the Vantage is nothing short of remarkable either, with features and options limited only by your imagination. Whether it’s a tiller, side console, center console or elevated tower, have your boat built the way you want it. Standard features include an enclosed bilge area, rear opening aft lockers, huge front deck, fully dry/lined compartments and plenty of storage that leaves a clean and clutter-free cockpit. Fishing the Vantage is where you truly experience how diverse this boat is and what it offers opportunistic anglers. Run the tide line or hit the flats with no reservations and do it all with the multipurpose Vantage. East Cape Skiffs,

Boat Specs

L.O.A 19’2″
Beam 79″
Draft 7.5–11″
Fuel Capacity 36–42 gal.
Weight 850 lbs.
Max HP 150
MSRP (boat/motor/trailer) $35,000*
*Model shown with optional features

Carbon Marine Loop Push Pole

Anglers chasing determined predators in shallow water need all the help they can get. Carbon Marine’s Loop Push Pole was designed for professionals who spend long hours on their platforms. With machined-to-tolerance sectional components made from aerospace carbon fiber and high-temperature epoxies, this push pole is powerful, responsive and incredibly lightweight. A multi-sectional carbon fiber pole that’s permanently bonded together, each Loop has a directional texture for maximum grip. The uniquely shaped foot provides quiet entry and large surface area for improved traction. Available from 21 to 26-feet, there’s a perfect pole for you. Prices start at $659 and include a lifetime warranty against water intrusion. Carbon Marine,