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Eastward Boats 500 Miles of Adventure around the Southern Tip of Florida

Port St. Lucie, FL – This May, Eastward Boats is going to take a trip around the bottom half of Florida with one of their Coastal 2200 boats. Sort of a Bucket List trip, for the avid fisherman/boater. The mission will be to show the diversity of the fishing and cruising that the state has to offer. Part of the trip will be to see how many different species of fish can be caught along the route, fishing inshore, offshore and freshwater, all out of the same boat.


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Each X on the chart indicates where the crew will stop for the evening to meet with a local guide to chart the next day’s course.

Video will be filmed along the way, out of a second camera boat, and periodically streamed Live on Facebook. At the end of the trip a 3-part, hour and a half long video will be produced that shows the route, places that were visited, where the crew stayed, fish that were caught and the beautiful scenery encountered. The videos will cover provisions, trip preparations, how the boat was outfitted, fishing info, accommodations, fuel stops and more, so someone who wants to make the same trip, or any leg of the trip, will have all of the information they need. A written article also documenting the trip will be published in a major fishing publication. The trip should take approximately 6 days and cover over 500 miles.

  Trip Sponsors include:

  • BRP Evinrude

  • Raymarine

  • FLIR

  • Armstrong Marine

  • Magic Tilt Trailers

  • Oceanic Gear

  • Dow Chemical

  • TH Marine

  • Power-Pole

  • Fish Monkey


Their company logos will be put on the boat and the final videos, along with all of the raw assets (video & stills), will be available to them for their use in marketing. Once produced, the videos documenting the trip, will be sent out through all of Eastwards social media outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and The Hull Truth. The sponsoring companies and outdoor publication will be doing the same through their channels. Visit Florida also has an interest in using the videos to promote Florida Tourism.

If your company would be interested in getting involved with us, please contact Dave East at or 772-207-8244.