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Eco-Net Unveils the World’s First Digital Fishing Lure

Tel Aviv – Eco-Net announces the worldwide initial release and beta-testing of Eco-Popper, a revolutionary new lure that incorporates the latest advancements in digital technology to radically empower the fishing experience.


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The first products are currently being tested by a strong international group of professional and avid recreational anglers, while a full commercial release is expected for the 2017 fishing season.

Eco-Popper is equipped with a high-definition, high-sensitivity wide-angle underwater camera located at the rear of the lure, enabling real-time fish strike detection. The lure also features a series of sensors that capture and report key data related to fishing conditions and the aquatic environment surrounding the lure. For example, anglers can now monitor water temperature, salinity, clarity and more.

Fishermen can share all video and data information with others in real time — across the lake as well as around the world — using an associated smartphone application.

“By leveraging the strength in numbers of the entire sport-fishing community, Eco-Net introduces a cost-effective solution to monitor global water environments. Whether it’s freshwater or salt – lakes, ponds, rivers, streams or the open oceans – Eco-Net provides critical information about aquatic conditions and potentially harmful changes in a timely manner,” said Eco-Net CEO Dani Zeevi.

“It also makes fishing more effective and more fun!” he says.
Eco-Popper, the world’s first digital popper, will be featured at the ICAST Sport Fishing Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, July 13-16.

About Eco-Net
Eco-Net Ltd. (The Ecology Network) provides state-of-the-art products that empower the sport fishing experience, such as the Eco-Popper™ – The World’s First Digital Fishing Popper. They are committed to help deliver the best possible fishing experience, before, during and after the activity itself. Eco-Net was founded by a group of technology entrepreneurs with a passion for sport fishing. In the past 15 years, they have delivered software and media solutions to thousands of professional users around the world. Now, they are bringing to the market a cool, fun fishing product that can also create a major environmental impact on a global level. Learn more at

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