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Giving Anglers an HD Look Underwater

Dallas, TX- There is no easy way for anglers to know what’s really happening beneath the water’s surface. They can’t see how many or what kind of fish are there, or see the bottom’s composition to find ideal fishing conditions. Most critically, anglers can’t see exactly when fish are approaching to know when to stay still and get ready to reel in.


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A new product changes all of that. The Eco-Popper is the world’s first digital fishing popper that sends real-time HD video to mobile devices. The lure’s wide-angle HD camera allows fishermen to scout underwater locations, see what kind of fish are there, and watch them right as they are about to bite.

Made by Eco-Net, the popper has sensors to measure key water metrics, such as water temperature and salinity, to find the water environments for particular types of fish. After the fishing trip, fishermen can watch videos to observe their technique, and share them with others and on social media.

The Eco-Popper also automatically logs water quality measurements to create a crowd-based source of water conditions wherever it is used. Automatically, the popper transmits water quality results to a central cloud database whenever and wherever the product is used. This data can help water utilities identify and further investigate water-related trends and risks, and take appropriate remedial measures.

With the Eco-Popper, fishermen can catch more fish, share their results with the power of HD video while simultaneously helping monitor the water quality of lakes, rivers and oceans.