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Everglades National Park/Biscayne Bay

The bite in Everglades National Park (Flamingo) has been incredible these past weeks. Redfish, baby Tarpon and Snook are our target species and these seem to cooperate with us like there is no tomorrow.


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Photo: Capt. Martin Carranza

We found Redfish in large schools and pairs all over the flats and cuts and are eager to take our offerings be it flies, lures or bait. Sizes vary from 17” to 36” and all seem well fed.
The Snook are also in all the usual spots and very hungry indeed. If you can place your tight to the mangroves you’ll catch them.

Baby Tarpon are always tons of fun to catch on light tackle with a bunch of fish from 20” to 20 lbs

We caught all species using live finger mullet, flies, twitch bait and top water lures.

We have also seen large schools of black drum on Snake Bight and found a crab fly that seems irresistible.

Fishing Biscayne Bay was a little challenging but we managed to catch a few large bonefish on flies and permit on live crabs. In between flats fishing we caught Mutton Snapper and Barracuda on the cuts.

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Capt. Martin Carranza
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