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Introducing FAST-FLAG, unbreakable patriotism

Fast-Flag was created by an avid boater with an architectural/engineering background and above all, a devoted citizen of the United States of America. 

Started in May 2019, Fast-Flag made it it’s mission to find a way to display the American flag in a way to be proud of, regardless of the elements. They set out to build a flag that could attach to the top of the boat that didn’t fall apart or tatter in the wind especially in the salty environment. 


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When properly lit at night, your Fast-Flag could be left up and not worry about a thing. Our Fast-flag shows all her glory on those dreary rainy days when there’s no wind. But most importantly, a flag that could stand up to the fast cruising speeds of today’s modern boats.

Currently available in 2 sizes and 2 distinct styles, we are working on developing other new and innovative styles and options for you to demonstrate your patriotism.