Fatal Attraction


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The Gamefish Decoy

New from Stripteaser comes the latest innovation in attracting predatory game fish—the Gamefish Decoy. That’s right we’re talking ducks on a pond folks. Run these LIFESIZE decoys in conjunction with your Stripteaser baitball to create the illusion of a feeding frenzy. Most pelagics hunt in schools or pairs and when a game fish sees another of its kind feeding, a competitive and aggressive response is triggered. Tested by top captains under the most extreme conditions around the world, these incredibly lifelike, vertically swimming fakes are guaranteed to give years of fish attracting service. Available in marlin, sailfish, school of dolphin, and school of tuna for $229.00. Pick one up at Tom Greene’s Custom Rod & Reel – 1835 NE 25th St. Lighthouse Point, FL. www.antiquereels.com Stripteaser, 305.899.2609, www.stripteaser.biz