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Finatic Tackle

What’s in a name? The Finatic brand is built from a profound love of chasing anything with fins. Finatic was born from a dedicated angling heritage, that has given them a deep insight into a wide variety of products, tested in a plethora of waterways across the globe. These opportunities provided them with hours upon hours of trial and error, trying to find the best equipment for that specific day, while simultaneously igniting their drive to become better anglers. Finatic is now using their expertise to carefully design and manufacture the high-performance tackle that today’s angler needs.


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The new tackle brand will focus its initial product offering on fishing lines including braid, fluorocarbon leader, fluorocarbon main line and specialty monofilament.  So, what’s different about Finatic?  First, they’re a direct to consumer fishing brand- so you will only find Finatic products through their website at  An even more crucial point to note, is that they have developed a variety of proprietary technologies and manufacturing techniques that you won’t find in any other products. Visit to find out more- you’ll want to get your hands on this.