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We have had a mixture of weather patterns lately along the Treasure Coast. About the only thing it hasn’t done is snow. Check the weather closely before you head out fishing. Lots of windy days have made it a challenge for us. Mornings have been our best opportunity to fish. Expect more of the same for a while. Water temperatures have been in the mid sixties, but we have been able to find a variety of fish to enjoy.


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Sherman, David and the kids were out for a morning adventure on a two boat trip. They all caught plenty of fish, including black drum, sheepshead, snapper and other assorted species. They are ready for next year and another adventure. Jim, Quinn, Cole and Madison joined me on a breezy morning, but caught lots of fish anyway. Black drum, sheepshead, snapper and a host of others made their morning successful! It was a fun week on the river in spite of weather conditions.

With the cooler water around the area, look for deeper places that fish might hold up. Channel edges, deeper docks and sand holes on the grass flats are a few places to target. Docks will hold sheepshead, black drum and snapper this time of year. You can find snook and redfish in the same places as well. You can also find these fish around the mangroves. As the sun warms things up, the grass flats will be more productive with the fish moving onto them to feed and stay warm. Try DOA Deadly Combos on the grass flats for trout. There are plenty of pompano cruising the river and you can find some with Doc’s Goofy Jigs or CAL shad tails. The inlet has been loaded with jacks, ladyfish, mackerel. Small shiny lures work best. There are lots of ways to enjoy the fishing so get out soon and have some fun!

Dress in layers for coping with the conditions when enjoying a day on the water. We sometimes have 30 to 40 degree temperature changes some days and layering your clothing will allow you to enjoy yourself in comfort. Don’t forget the sunscreen! Wintertime is often forgotten when it comes to sunburns. Enjoy your time on the water!

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby….it’s an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner