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FishAnywhere® Grows to More than 7,000 Fishing Trips

Founded in 2017, FishAnywhere® has become the leading booking platform for professional fishing charters and guides with over 7,000 trips available to some of the hottest fishing destinations in North America, the Bahamas, Caribbean and Costa Rica. The platform offers anglers the ability to search, find, and book charters with just a few simple steps.


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In addition to working with only the most professional guides and captains in the industry, FishAnywhere® holds a commitment to marine and wildlife conservation. A portion of all bookings goes to supporting great eco-organizations such as Captains for Clean Water, Trout Unlimited, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and the Coastal Conservation Association.

Whether you’re looking to fish by a particular species, a specific location or looking to enjoy popular fishing techniques, FishAnywhere® offers direct access to professional charters and guides with the confidence of 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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