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Fishhound Introduces “The Lunch Break”

Los Angeles, Calif. – Fishhound, the outdoor industry’s leading word-of-mouth marketing platform, announced today a new marketing initiative that will extend its ability to promote brands to its audience of nearly one million outdoor enthusiasts. Appropriately titled “The Lunch Break,” Fishhound will introduce a new and innovative product to its massive audience, everyday at noon. Each 2-3 minute Lunch Break video will highlight the story behind the product, what makes it special or different and why anglers would want to buy it.


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The Lunch Break launches on June 16, 2014 with the re-introduction of the original plastic worm, The Scoundrel, made by Creme Lure Company. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Scoundrel, a lure that changed fishing forever, so it’s apropos that Fishhound will be kicking off The Lunch Break l with this game changer. In addition to Creme Lure, the June lineup will feature products from the companies listed below. The Lunch Break lineup for July is also beginning to fill up with brands looking to instantaneously promote their brand to nearly one million people.

Bruiser Baits

CastAway Rods

C to C Bait Co.

Cortland Line Co.


Extreme Beam









Savage Gear

Timbuktu Outdoors


Xcite Baits


Zeko Shoes

Wayne Kent, President of Creme Lure Company, comments, “The biggest challenge facing every brand is standing out from the crowd or communicating what’s new. What Rick Patri and the team at Fishhound are doing is pretty much what Creme Lures did when Nick Creme first created the plastic worm 65 years ago. Nick spread the word by having it field-tested, so fishermen would start telling other fisherman what they liked about the product. Bill Dance was one of our original field testers back then, and he helped us spread the word one angler at a time. Fishhound is doing the same thing, except they can influence 100,000 anglers at a time!”

Patri, Fishhound’s Vice President, Operations, believes that commerce and the way people make purchases have changed. “Commerce in every industry is changing, and more often than not, people are trusting the opinions of others to make more informed buying decisions, rather than believing the endorsement of a paid spokesperson.” Patri continues, “When you walk down the aisle of a big box store and see 100 similar lures, it’s impossible for one brand to stand out. That’s where Fishhound comes in.”
Helping brands reach new customers is a primary goal for Fishhound. The Lunch Break videos will be promoted on, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, on multiple forums and via e-mail to Fishhound’s membership base.
“We’ve partnered with little-known startups, as well as industry leaders, to introduce their products to potential consumers,” said Patri. “We have the attention of almost a million prospective customers who are eager to discover, share, influence and buy these kinds of products. The Lunch Break will give them the opportunity to learn about a new product every day, while they’re on lunch break, so they can create and share their own stories to help influence others with care and thought.”

Want your product featured on The Lunch Break?
From an individual with an innovative idea to a brand with generational staying power, Fishhound enables companies to showcase their products to nearly one million enthusiasts without ever paying a single dollar. Contact Rick Patri for more information. The video outlining the program can be found here:

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Fishhound ( introduces new and innovative products to our community of members and allows them to share their stories and opinions to help drive more informed buying decisions. We have the attention of more than 750,000 outdoor enthusiasts who are eager to discover, share, influence and buy these kinds of products online. We partner with little known startups, as well as industry leaders, to introduce their products to potential consumers.
People like to be in the know, and Fishhound supports this by delivering the latest product news, pro staff tips & techniques, tournament results and fishing reports on 2,800 waters across North America.

We believe commerce and the way that people make purchases have changed. As consumers we can decide which brands to support, and as members of Fishhound, we have the opportunity to influence those decisions with care and thought. Knowledge is power. Welcome to Fishhound.

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