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Fishhound Partners with Cortland Line Company to Launch Online Sweepstakes

Los Angeles, Calif. –  June 4, 2014 – Fishhound and Cortland Line Company are partnering to conduct an online contest designed to attract new fans to the Cortland Facebook page and familiarize anglers with the manufacturer’s new premium quality sport-fishing lines. The contest winner, to be selected through a random drawing, will receive 2,500 yard spools of Cortland Master Braid and Endurance Monofilament fishing line (a prize valued at $300 MSRP). Anyone with a Facebook page can enter now through June 12, 2014 at the contest page ( or Cortland Line Company’s Facebook page (


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“We’re looking forward to awarding this great prize to one of our lucky fans,” said Rick Patri, Fishhound’s Vice President, Operations. “Cortland has produced the world’s finest fly-fishing lines for decades, and their new braid and monofilament offerings for sport-fishing applications reflect that same level of commitment to quality and performance. Every person who enters the contest will automatically become a fan of Cortland’s Facebook page. We know these fans are avid anglers, and by taking the time to sign up, we also know they’re genuinely interested in Cortland’s products. So, in a sense, we’ll be creating a targeted demographic that Cortland will be able to remarket to.”

Cortland Line Company’s President, Randy Brown, is excited about teaming up with Fishhound. “As a proven leader in the social media space, Fishhound has the expertise, as well as the perfect platform, for generating significant results,” noted Brown. “We are extremely proud of our new sport-fishing lines, which offer saltwater and freshwater anglers the ultimate combination of strength, abrasion resistance and castability. We’re confident that this contest will produce plenty of online buzz, allow us to grow our Facebook page fan base, and provide us with a solid list of prospective customers.”
Cortland Master Braid is a premium super braid that remains stiff long after it’s loaded onto a reel. Master Braid boasts high-tech Spectra fibers that are braided through the company’s proprietary Fiber Tech process, dramatically increasing durability and binding the color to the line. This advanced braiding process also makes Master Braid rounder than other lines, which means less twist, greater accuracy, longer casts and extended life. With only four percent stretch, small diameter pound/test ratio and a unique hydrophobic coating that slices through water and comes back dry, Master Braid is designed to increase angling success and enhance the overall fishing experience.

Like Master Braid, Cortland’s super premium Endurance monofilament line is specially formulated to improve all-around fishing performance. Endurance features a low diameter and a glass smooth finish that significantly reduces friction, resulting in ultra-smooth casts and a hypersensitive “feel.” Unique additives make Cortland Endurance incredibly abrasion resistant, while also allowing for superior knot strength.

Contest Overview
Timeline: Runs for a three-week period (Entries accepted now through June 12, 2014)
Entry Process: Entrants must become fans of Cortland Line Company’s Facebook page and can enter online at or
Winner Selection: The contest winner will be selected at random will be notified by e-mail and on both and the Cortland Line Company Facebook page.
For complete details on Fishhound’s Cortland Line Giveaway, or to enter the contest online, visit To learn more about Cortland Line Company, or the complete family of high quality Cortland products, visit

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Cortland Line Company, Cortland, N.Y., is a leading manufacturer of braided fishing lines, monofilament fishing lines, braided ropes and fly lines. By utilizing the latest materials and its proprietary innovative techniques, Cortland Line assures the consumer the finest products available.

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