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Fishing Bonita Beach

Fishing Bonita Beach for snapper and grouper (May 28)

Fishbuster Charter: Captain Dave Hanson reported Wednesday, 5/25, headed 18 miles offshore with Dr. Paul Martz and Christian LeClerc. Seas were choppy heading out fishing Bonita Beach, but comfortable once anchored, and the guys used baitfish to catch numerous red grouper, including one 21-inch keeper. While fishing Bonita Beach we also caught a beauty of a hogfish at 19 inches, which bit on live shrimp, along with a keeper lane snapper and four good sized grunts.


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Photo: Young angler David Regan with a 14-inch hogfish, caught on shrimp, 20 miles west of New

The Mazzola family (a combination of brothers and cousins) while fishing Bonita Beach 36 miles offshore with me on a full-day trip Saturday, 5/28. Calm seas allowed us to get out to some good spots for fishing Bonita Beach, and the guys caught three keeper red grouper on baitfish, consisting of a brace of 21-inch and one 22-inch. Using live shrimp, they caught a mess of lane snapper, and kept a dozen of those to 12 inches, along with a 13 ½-inch keeper mangrove snapper. They added to the fish box a couple of nice porgies, and released ten more of those, and also kept a couple of 13-inch grunts, out of a mess of grunts they caught while fishing Bonita Beach. They caught a nice triggerfish at 15 inches, but triggers are currently out of season, so we released that, along with twenty yellowtail snapper shorts. It was a productive and fun day of fishing Bonita Beach!

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