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Photo: Jake Jordan

After several days off over the Easter Holidays, while my boat was being worked on, I went back to Tarpon World last evening. My good friends Tony Weaver and Joe Seelig, from Anchorage Alaska, (“Champion team of the 2014 “Jake Jordan, Invitational, Sailfish Fly, Challenge”), joined me at 7:30 PM for an evening of fly fishing for Tarpon.

The wind was blowing from the north-northwest at 12 to 19 knots, with choppy seas, 79 degree water temperature, and lots of sea weed and dirty water. I had seen several good schools of Tarpon moving from the ocean side flats into the Tarpon World flats late in the afternoon, so fishing should be good. At the end of my first drift along “Pelican drop off” Tony hooked and jumped a 75 pound male Tarpon, after several good jumps the hook came out and the fish was gone.

Next drift in the same area produced a bite from a small female, over 100 pounds, which Joe hooked and fought for 15 minutes, Joe did a good job at maneuvering that fish through a bridge and out into the open ocean. He had the leader close to the rod tip several times on this big fish, then on jump #9 the hook came out giving Joe a long distance release. We got 2 more soft bites during the next several drifts, but did not hook any fish.

I then ran several miles out to “Silver King slew” where we ran into a small glow in the dark worm hatch, which stood out against the pitch black sky. I asked Tony and Joe to make a cast into the area where the worms were going crazy, both got a bite, then Joe’s fish got hooked and jumped very aggressively while Tony’s came off. Joe fought that 100 pound plus Poon for several miles during the next 13 minutes, took some good pictures after getting the leader inside of the tip top of the rod, and then we released that awesome Tarpon.

At 10:30 the worms left and we never saw another Tarpon, I think that they left the “slew” and followed those worms out to sea? Joe and Tony are really great guys, I very much enjoy fishing with them, Tony and I have fished a lot together all over the world, he is a world class angler as is Joe. Tony got some good pictures however I do not have them yet for my report as they are fly fishing on the flats today, I will show Tony’s pictures in my next report.We plan to fish together again on April 24, when I am hoping that we have better conditions and more Tarpon, We jumped 4 and caught one for the night. I really love my job, wish you were here, stay tuned for more fly fishing reports from Tarpon World.


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