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Photo: Jake Jordan

April 24, 2014:
I fished with my good friends Tony Weaver and Joe Seelig from Alaska, the wind was dead calm and the water temperature was 80.9 degrees. We fished between 9:30 PM and 1:30 AM all over Tarpon world with the slowest results of any trip so far this year. Both Tony and Joe are good casters, and they were worn out after blind casting all night as the drifts were uncontrollable with the smooth water with no wind at all. During the full night we jumped a total of three Tarpon on fly, all three pulled the hook and came off during one of the awesome jumps. I really enjoyed fishing with these guys, and hope that the trade winds begin to blow from the east soon which makes my Tarpon happy.

April 25, 2014:
Tonight Eddie Matuzak from Pennsylvania joined me for his first night of fly fishing for Tarpon with me. We left the dock and headed to Tarpon World at 10:30 PM, the sky was dark,(no moon) and the wind was blowing from the north at 15 knots with a one foot chop on the 81 degree water. During the first two hours we looked in 5 different places without finding any Poons, then at 12:45 AM over near north west slew, Eddie hooked a 90 pound male. That fish jumped 9 times, and made some valiant runs against the 6 pounds of drag on the Mako #9550 fly reel, and 20 pound class tippet, before Eddie lifted his face out of the water with my TFO TiCr 12 weight fly rod. We released that fish and headed back to fish that same slew.

During the next two hours, Eddie hooked and fought three more big female Tarpon, between 100 and 115 pounds, two of the fish jumped, ran, jumped again and then broke the tippet. The other Silver King, was a 115 pound female which fought very hard, jumped a lot, and towed us through on out to the ocean side before we released our second Tarpon of the night. We had a great night fishing together and plan to do more of this fishing, which is why I love my Job, wish you were here. More fly fishing reports to follow.


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