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Paul McGarvie releasing Tarpon on Fly April 2014. Photo: Jake Jordan

My angler for the last two nights has been Paul McGarvie from NJ and Marathon FL, we have known each other for many years as Paul fished in a Tarpon tournament which I started here in Marathon in the mid 1980’s. Paul has also fished in my Sailfish Tournament at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala during January for each of the last 3 years.

We began at our two nights fly fishing for Tarpon on the night of April 28, at 12:30 AM, with south winds of 15 knots, gusting to 20, and water temperature of 82.5 degrees. Fishing was slow, Paul hooked and jumped three tarpon, the first broke off after two jumps, the second was a really big Tarpon, it took out more than 400 yards of backing, jumped partway out of the water, before towing the “Fly Reel” a long way, then ran through a bridge where it cut the backing off on the barnacles of a bridge piling, we lost the fly line and all rigging. On his third fish of the night Paul caught and released a 90 pound silver king to end our evening.

On April 29 we began fly fishing for Tarpon at 1:30 AM with much improved conditions, wind from the southeast at 10-15, water temperature of 83.4 degrees, and lots of feeding tarpon. Tonight the water was cleaner, lots of tarpon were in Tarpon World, and they were eating Poon Bugs aggressively. Paul got 9 bites tonight, he hooked and jumped six big tarpon, pulled the hook on several, broke two off, and Paul caught and released a really nice Tarpon of 85 pounds. The last hour had the wind swing to the south and the fish stopped eating. We had a great time fishing together, I really love my job, stay tuned for more fly fishing reports to follow shortly.


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