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Happy Tarpon School, Seven Mile Bridge Flat Photo: Jake Jordan

May 4, 2014, Today, at 9:00 AM, I headed down to the marina, where I cleaned, and fueled up Fly Reel, then took a ride out to the ocean side flats between the east and west end of the 7 mile bridge. I decided to spend an hour on the edge of this flat, so I dropped my anchor and rigged up my 12 weight TFO BVK rod with a Mako # 9550 fly reel, along with a RIO WF-12-F Tarpon Taper fly line. After sitting for 10 minutes, along came a school of about 50 happy Poons, rolling on the surface, moving very slow. when they were 90 foot from my boat and closing, I made a cast to the lead fish, a big female, she ignored my chartreuse bunny strip fly. A small 70 pound male behind her, swam past the big female, slurped my fly, I set the hook and then that fish erupted, jumped 6 foot in the air, and ripped off 80 foot of backing before the 8 pounds of drag stopped that fish. 10 minutes later I grabbed the leader and released my first daytime Tarpon of this season. Welcome to Tarpon World, Captain Jake!

May, 5, 2014: I met my fly anglers Rex Mauer, and Dick Lange, from Washington state, at the marina at 7:15 PM, this evening. After twenty minutes of instruction, we headed out to Silver King channel to look for Poons, we saw a few rolling fish as the sun set. Rex hooked and jumped the first Tarpon of the night, a 60 pound male, he set the hook like he was trying to catch a steelhead, and that tarpon spit the fly back at him. Next, Dick, hooked a 90 pound Tarpon, on his second bite, then 20 minutes and 2 miles later we got the leader and released this red hot Poon.

Rex jumped another fish and then he hooked a 100+ pound female, which fought valiantly for 25 minutes before we caught and released her. later Rex hooked a big freight train of a Tarpon, which pulled off 200 yards of backing, she jumped so we could see her, (at least 140 pounds) and spit the hook as she came toward the boat on that awesome jump. After four hours, we had jumped 6 and released two Tarpon on fly, which is why, I Love My Job, wish you were here. Stay tuned for more Fly Fishing for Tarpon reports.


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