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Photo: Jake Jordan

Tonight at 8:00 PM Paul Krogvoid, and Kjell Somme, (both fly anglers are from Norway), boarded “Fly Reel” with me and we headed out to eastern Silver King bank, where my sources had seen a large contingent of rolling Tarpon just an hour ago. As we entered the area we spotted the US Coast Guard who were boarding vessels to check documents and safety equipment, and chasing boats without the proper lights on their vessels back to shore with expensive tickets. We headed over to Pelican Shoal where there was less boat traffic.

Our first jumped fish was a big Tarpon, hooked by Kjell, after a good run and one awesome 15 foot high jump, that fish spit out the fly and swam away. That is when we headed back over to eastern Silver King bank as all of the boat traffic was gone and it was really dark now. Paul hooked and fought another large jumping tarpon which we lost just before getting the fish to the boat. We went back and spotted a worm hatch with the glow worms coming off in big numbers, got a couple more bites but no solid hook ups.

At 10:50 I ran several miles through the dead calm, 80.2 degree water to the north western slew, this time as we drifted to the south, in the western side of the slew, I had Paul casting to the west while Kjell cast to the east using long slow strips. Shortly after both anglers got bites, Kjell’s fish came off while Paul’s 120 pound Silver King jumped 7 times and towed “Fly Reel” several miles in the gulf before changing directions and heading through two bridges and out into the Atlantic ocean. Paul did a great fighting this big fish on 20 pound tippet, we released the fish about one mile south of the Keys in the Atlantic ocean. For this four hour fly fishing adventure we had 6 or 7 bites, jumped 4 big tarpon, pulled the hook on two, broke one off, on a leader that was not mine, and we released that one really nice Tarpon. I love this job, wish you were here, more reports to follow.


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