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Paul Lombardi fighting 120+ Tarpon on fly. Photo: Jake Jordan

Last evening, April 9, 2014, Paul Lombardi, from California, and I headed out to Tarpon world at 9:00 PM, with the wind blowing from the northwest at over 20 knots. The air temperature had dropped to 66 degrees, while the water temperature dropped to 76.5 from over 80 degrees the night before. With choppy seas and lots of weed in the water, I worked an area where the water was 5 foot deep near a ridge where the depth dropped off to 9 foot.

“Cast 40 foot into the wind” I instructed Paul, he placed the fly where it needed to be and hooked a 100 pound tarpon shortly after we began fishing. After we released that fish we made another drift where a big Tarpon ate the “Poon Bug” and ripped off 200 yards of backing before jumping and breaking the 20 pound class tippet. I moved to another flat where we got 2 bites, one, the fly came out, the other fish, an 80 pounder was released after a 15 minute battle. After 3 hours of fly fishing we had caught two Tarpon from four bites, then I began to see more crabs and shrimp in the water, IT TURNED ON!

I moved over to Jurassic Park, Paul made a cast, and right away a big (120 pound) Tarpon smashed the fly, Paul fought it extremely well, after that Poon towed my boat over a mile we got the leader and took a picture. That is when a pack of bull sharks showed up, I broke the tippet and the Tarpon took off, I hope that she got away! I hate Bull Sharks.

We fished until the current stopped at 2:15 AM, hooked lots of silver king, and wound up Jumping 10 big Tarpon while releasing four on fly. Paul is a good guy and a lot of fun to fish with, we are planning more fly fishing adventures. I love my job, wish you were here, stay tuned for more fly fishing reports to follow.

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