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Photo: Jake Jordan

May 7, 2014, Tonight at 7:00 PM, I was joined by fly anglers Beth and Wayne Shaw, from Pennsylvania and Ocean City NJ, at the Tarpon World marina, for an evening of fly fishing for Tarpon. Clear skies, 10-15 knot east winds, 84 degree water temperature, along with happy rolling tarpon greeted us at the north west end of cormorant slew. After 15 minutes of instruction, we began fishing, five minutes later, Wayne hooked and got a good jump out of a 90 pound male tarpon, which spit the fly back at us during the second jump. Next, Betty hooked a 125 pound female silver king, that fish only jumped once and then towed “Fly Reel” about two and a half miles before, going through a bridge, turning right, and under a bridge abutment, breaking the 20 pound tippet.

Later Betty jumped a couple more fish, before she got a great bite from a nice 80 pound male which she fought to the boat quickly, took some pictures and I released that Tarpon. Shortly after we released Betty’s fish, Wayne hooked, jumped, fought, and landed a Tarpon of over 100 pounds, which was our last fish of the night. All in all these people who had never landed a big Tarpon on fly, jumped a total of 4 Tarpon from 6 bites, and each angler caught and released one
Tarpon on fly.

May 7, 2014: Wayne and Betty Shaw joined me at 8:00 PM for another evening of fly fishing for Tarpon. The wind was blowing from the east at 15 to 20 knots and there were seven or eight other boats fishing in the area during the last half hour of daylight and the first hour of darkness. These other boats are either private boats or a few are charter boats, and most have no idea of what they are doing, they run over my fish time after time and drive them down and turn off the bite. Fortunately most are unsuccessful at catching Tarpon and leave shortly after dark, especially when it is rough.

We jumped several fish early, and then after dark, when most of the other boats left, I moved to another area where the fish had not been bothered, and we began to get a fish on, during each drift. Wayne caught two fish while Betty landed one from 8 total jumped and fought. All of these Tarpon were between 70 and 125 pounds, this was Wayne’s biggest tarpon ready for release.

I love my job, wish you were here. Tonight May 8, 2014, I will be fishing with my old fishing buddy, Josh Hayes from Alaska, along with his friend Dave Caldwell, the wind is blowing from the east east at 25 knots, we wont have many other boats to worry about tonight. Tarpon fishing should be better tonight.


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