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Photo: Jake Jordan

Tonight is the second of two nights of fly fishing for tarpon with my good friends Josh Hayes, and Dave Caldwell, from Alaska. We boarded “Fly Reel” (my 21 foot Jones Brothers, Cape Fisherman), at the Tarpon World Marina, at 9:30 PM. The wind had dropped down to 20 knots, water temperature 81.4, very choppy seas, and lots of feeding Tarpon. Less boat traffic tonight, with more bait in the water, my anglers were getting really good at understanding this fishery. We jumped 8 tarpon from 10 bites and landed 2 during the first two hours, then it got good around midnight, we began getting lots of short bites and jumping and fighting big fish on every drift.

After 3 hours we had jumped 13 and caught two big fish on fly, then Josh asked me if I had ever caught a double header (two Tarpon on fly by 2 anglers, in one boat, at the same time)? My reply was yes but not very often, would you like to try? I headed to north west bank channel, had both anglers cast there “Poon Bug” fly to a gaggle of Tarpon as I shut off the engine. Two tarpon, both over 100 pounds ate at the same time, spooking the rest of the school, and then both took off in different directions. I backed up toward Dave’s fish, until he got the leader, then after the fish crisscrossed several times, I shut off the engine and my now expert anglers, landed both big tarpon from a dead boat.

Josh and Jake after double Tarpon on Fly

Next, after several more jumped fish, Josh hooked, jumped, fought, and landed , a 125 pound pig, in about 10 minutes! Total score for May 9, 2014 was: 24 bites, 17 Tarpon jumped and fought, 6 fish leadered for the release, including a double header Tarpon on fly on 20 pound tippet. Guess what? I love My job, wish you were here, Blane and Christy Chocklett tying leaders today tonight for 3 nights, I can’t wait, Stay tuned for more reports to follow.


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