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Greetings from Tarpon world:


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Photo: Jake Jordan

Blane and Christie Chocklett joined me at the Tarpon world marina at 11:00 PM where we boarded “Fly Reel” and headed north, away from all of the 7 other boats full of people who, “have no clue” and are trying to find my fish but who are actually running them over and chasing them away from where they used to feed before all of this boat traffic. We traveled several miles away from the crowd, and set up in an area where my Tarpon have moved too, we set up and for the next 4 hours we spent 3 hours fighting the 9 Tarpon which were jumped and fought by Blane and Christie. Blane caught and released five big Tarpon, 85 pounds to 125 pounds, all on 20 pound class tippet. Both anglers are now learning to chill, and fight these giant Tarpon while remaining totally relaxed we had another awesome night of fly fishing for Tarpon. I love my job, stay tuned for more fly fishing reports to follow.


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