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Photo: Jake Jordan

Tonight, John Killian from South Carolina joined me to try and catch his first large Tarpon on fly. John and I left the marina aboard “Fly Reel” at 9:40 PM and arrived at the north end of “Cormorant Slew” 10 minutes later. After five minutes of instruction, John cast the Poon Bug (fly) into the 20 knot NE wind, to a place where I told him to present the fly. Five minutes later, John hooked his first fish of the night, a 70 pound male Tarpon, after a 10 minute battle we released that red hot Tarpon after 13 exciting jumps.

We fished that area for three hours and jumped three more fish in this protected area, out of the wind. Then we headed over near “Silver King Bank”, where the wind was blowing at over 20 knots and there was a two and a half foot close chop on the water, seas were choppy to rough. During the next hour John jumped six more Tarpon, and landed a nice fish which weighted close to 100 pounds before we quit at 2:30 AM. This four hour fly fishing adventure produced 9 Tarpon Jumped and fought, with two Tarpon caught and released. I love my job, wish you were here, stay tuned for more fly fishing reports to follow soon.


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