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Photo: Jake Jordan

May 22, 2014: Tonight my fly anglers were Joe Kristof, and Rex Maurer, both from the Seattle area of western Washington. We fished from 8:00 PM to 12:00 midnight, the wind was down to 10-15 knots from the east, water temperature was between 78.9 and 80 degrees, seas were a light chop. Joe was the first angler to hook a Tarpon on fly, it jumped seven times and towed the boat a mile through the bridge and out into the Atlantic side before Joe got his first Tarpon release.

Both anglers jumped several more fish before Rex hooked, jumped, fought, and released a 90 pound male tarpon on fly. At midnight, when the current went slack, we headed back to the dock after jumping a total of 7 tarpon from 10 bites, my anglers caught and released 2 really nice fish. I really love my job, fishing is improving with the nice weather, wish you were here. Stay tuned for more fly fishing reports to follow shortly.

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