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Photo: Jake Jordan

Today, May 27, 214, Chuck Furimsky, owner of “The Fly Fishing Schools” arrived here to spend a couple of days fly fishing with me for Tarpon. We arrived at the “Tarpon World Marina”, boarded “Fly Reel”, and headed out at 12:30 AM to the north western corner of “jew fish bank” channel. The wind was blowing at 10 from the east, water temperature was 84 degrees, with a light chop on the water. We had the entire tarpon world to ourselves, and the Tarpon were pounding shrimp for several hours.

Chuck used my TFO 12 weight fly rod, Mako #9550 fly reel, Rio (Clouser) WF12F fly line, 20 pound Mason Hard bite tippet, 100 pound bite tippet, and my “POON BUG” fly tied on a Owner Ahi 4/0 hook. He wore a TFO orange hat for luck and fished exactly as I instructed him (grin). The Tarpon were eating softly, we had 8 bites, of which 5 got hooked, one of the jumped fish spit the fly back at us, three broke off, one spit the hook, and Chuck caught and released one Tarpon close to 100 pounds. More reports to follow shortly, wish you were here, I love this job.

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