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Notice the fly placement on this Tarpon. Photo: Jake Jordan

Rick and Beth Watkins from Orlando area of Florida, joined me aboard “Fly Reel” at 1:30 AM for a Tarpon fly fishing adventure. The wind was calm while the water looked like a mirror, flat and glassy, when we arrived at Silver King bank, tarpon were rolling all around us. Our first Tarpon of the night (a 90 pound poon) was caught and released, by Beth shortly after we arrived. This was her first Tarpon on fly this year, and she did a great job on this awesome fish. On the next drift Rick jumped a really nice fish which came off after several jumps.

The next fish hooked turned out to be a 40 inch long hound fish, which Beth quickly caught and released, then on her next cast Beth caught and released a really big Lady Fish. This is known as a “Silver King Bank, Grand Slam” on fly, if she caught another species that would be a super slam (grin)!

After three hours of calm wind the temperature dropped by 10 degrees, and the wind began to blow at 15 knots from the north, the fishing turned off and we never got another bite. The score for the whole night was: 5 Tarpon jumped with one caught and released, along with one for one on Hound fish and Lady fish! Rick and Beth are really nice people and good fly anglers, we had lots of fun. I love my job, wish you were here, more reports to follow.


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