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Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing Final Report (2016 Season)

Greetings from The Fabulous Florida Keys: As my Tarpon World season comes to a close on June 4, 2016, I am reflecting on this season, as compared to my past 10 seasons of Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing at night. I began booking night time only, exclusive Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing trips between April and June, in 2005. I also fly fished the flats during the daytime until 2010, at which time I sold my flats boat and only fished the night shaft after that.


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Between my 2005 season and my 2015 season, I averaged 59 Florida Keys Tarpon fly fishing trips per season. For that ten year period my anglers averaged, hooking and jumping, 11.6 Tarpon, on fly per four hour charter, while they averaged a total of 4.9 big Tarpon, caught and released during each four hour Fly Fishing for Tarpon adventure.

During my 2016 season, so far, with 4 nights to go, my clients and I fished a total of 46 four hour Florida Keys Tarpon fly fishing charters. In my opinion this was the worse year during my night fishing career, with the fewest Tarpon coming to the keys that I have ever seen. Maybe El Nino? Maybe Lake effect from big sugar? Maybe due to Everglades lack of fresh water? maybe too much pressure? I don’t know, I am sure it is a cycle thing and will improve next season.

During my 2016 Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing season, so far I fished 46 four hour charters. My clients jumped 201 Tarpon, they caught and released a total of 71 big Tarpon on fly. Now remember that all of my clients are using IGFA approved 20 pound class tippet over fifteen inches in length, with a bite tippet of under 12 inches. We are using TFO TiCr-X 12 weight fly rods, combined with Mako #9550 and #9600 fly Reels, Rio WF-12-F fly lines, and my “Poon Bug” flies, tied on Owner 4/0 hooks.

Our average during each four hour Florida Keys Tarpon Fly Fishing charter to “Tarpon World” this season is: 4.4 Tarpon hooked, jumped, and fought, with 1.5 big Tarpon caught and released per trip. Although this is way off in my total number of tarpon caught, it is still a pretty amazing record in a season where I think there was 60% less tarpon here than any year I have ever seen in the Florida Keys.

I want to thank all of my awesome clients, friends, BFF, family, fishing report people, and all of the companies which support my Florida Keys Tarpon fly fishing adventures, you make this job one of the best. After a couple more days I am out of here on my way to my Costa Rica Blue Marlin Season, I really love my JOB!!



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