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Tarpon Season

May 25, 26, 27, 28, 2015
The Tarpon showed back up in Tarpon World after the worm craziness of the Palolo worm frenzy ended, now the real Tarpon fly anglers are catching fish again.


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I had Steve Henderson, from Tucson, (who had a complete knee replacement 6 weeks ago), along with his buddy Taylor Stephens, from Denver aboard “Fly Reel” for three nights of fly fishing for Tarpon. These guys travel the world in search of GT’s on 20 pound tippet on fly, however this is there first “Big Tarpon” on fly trip. During the twelve hours which we fished together, Steve and Taylor, jumped a total of 22 Tarpon, of which we leadered and released eleven big Poons. Several of the fish which these guys caught were over 130 pounds, already looking at two weeks of this fishery for the 2016 season! Lots of Fun!

May 28, 2015: RJ Martin, asked me to take his son Tylor and his girlfriend Aolina, out fly fishing aboard “Fly Reel”to show these young anglers who had never seen a Tarpon, what “Tarpon World” is all about! They both did a great job, we Jumped 6 big Tarpon on fly and released an 80 pound male along with a 110 female Silver King. on 20 pound class tippet. All of us had big grins on our face when we headed in after 4 hours of mayhem! I love my job, tarpon season is coming to an end, at least for me, heading to Los Suenos, Costa Rica, on June 7 to begin my Blue Marlin fly fishing season. Oh Yes, I do love my job! More reports to follow.

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