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After a few days of rain, strong west turning to north wind, water temperature drop from 90.5 degrees to 79 degrees, and crappy tarpon fly fishing, the sun came out, and the wind switched to the east at 20 knots. I explained to my young friends, Tommy Gilmore and Ed Jaworowski, that this will cause my tarpon to return to “Tarpon World”, and save my reputation.


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Both Ed and Tom seemed skeptical when we boarded “Fly Reel” at 12:30 AM, and were greeted by a stiff 20 knot wind out of the east. I headed to a secret spot near “white possum bank” just to the north of “cormorant creek” and suggested a cast where I had seen some nervous water. The rest is history, four hours later, Ed and Tommy had jumped nine giant Tarpon, they had caught and released five of these awesome “Silver King” all between 90 and 125 pounds.

We sat there in the near full moon, dazed with big smiles on our face, giggling like little kids, and telling stories of the awesome jumps and great fights. All is good in the land of the giants, I still love my job, now halfway through Tarpon Season. During my first 27 four hour, night time, tarpon, fly fishing adventures, in Tarpon World, My anglers jumped 115 Tarpon of which they caught and released 55 Tarpon on 20 pound tippet, on Fly! Stay tuned for more fly fishing reports from “Tarpon World!”

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