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Hubbard’s Marina Johns Pass Fishing

Inshore– Will McClure and Captain Frank were fishing from the Florida at the dock recently catching large gag grouper and mangrove snapper. They like the structure at the end of the dock or underneath Johns Pass. Tyson Angel, from Pinellas Park, was fishing the beach behind Hubbard’s marina today catching beautiful flounder on live shrimp and greenbacks weighted to bottom with the lightest weight that would hold bottom. Sheepshead are becoming more and more active and plentiful with each cold front that passes. We are also still seeing the snook biting well at night and the redfish persistent during the day. They are eating the largest shrimp or large whitebait up in the water column. We have noticed the biggest and most aggressive feeders in the top half of the water column.


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Near shore– The gags have been chewing well this month but only if your timing coincides with these cold fronts appropriately. You MUST fish between the fronts and avoid the days directly following them. When the temperatures drop 15 degrees or more just like you need a coat the fish need time to adjust. Grouper can’t whip on a coat and head out for the day so they stay huddled under ledges close to the warmer rock bottom while the temps and pressures stabilize. If you fish right ahead of weather even the fish feed like wild in preparation for the coming weather. The grey snapper are much less affected by these changes but all fish react to these events. We have noticed the fronts do tend to get the fish grouped up and gets the bait pushed offshore. This makes pelagic fishing exciting since they all get worked up while hitting the near shore bait schools.

Offshore– This past weekend the cold fronts that pushed passed didn’t have enough strength to stop Hubbard’s marina and our loyal anglers from going long-range overnight fishing. We headed out to the Florida middle grounds and did really well on this recent Full moon. The mangrove snapper were voracious and we ended up with 300 plus. Some were giant snapper, but the largest ended up hitting the scales at 7.5lbs. We also had a nice pile of Gag grouper and scamps as well! The beeliners and porgies were non-stop and we ended up with around 500 of these guys. There were also 4 kingfish caught, but two were 38 plus pounds!

By Dylan and Captain Mark Hubbard

Captain Jack’s dolphin corner

Captain Jack and Captain Cliff said that Discover the island was a big success! Big thanks to the Egmont Key alliance for putting it on. Hubbard’s Marina was honored and proud to be a part of such a unique event that showcased our local area and our local wildlife so well! This year for the first time we had young volunteers from University of South Florida. Lani said that was really cool to see other younger generations getting involved in the Park’s restoration and preservation.

The second day of Discover the island was a bit cooler which had the gopher tortoise out of their burrows and sunning themselves everywhere report Jeanne Matheeny. The guests loved these cute tortoises as the scurried around trying to stay in the sun.

There was a ton of boats fishing and trolling around Egmont key this weekend during Discover the island since King of the beach happened on Saturday too. This caused the show to be quite exciting as people raced around each other out of the channel. Captain Jack even snapped a photo of a Coast guard rescue since an unsuspecting angler had his boat capsize and sink right off Egmont’s Coast.

The big wild life news this week was the AMAZING show we had while dolphin watching nature cruise and eco touring before discover the island. Captain Jack and Lani were pointing out an osprey flying away with a small fish in its talons when out of nowhere a small juvenile bald eagle came swooping in and harassed the osprey till it dropped its prey. Once the osprey dropped the fish the small eagle came diving after it and caught it mid-air! Then shortly after it’s heroic dive the bald eagle was ambushed mid-air by a large eagle. Then the larger eagle chased the smaller one out of sight while the entire boat was full of speechless onlookers.

Also in wildlife news, Lani and Jeanne were able to rescues a pelican out at Egmont key from some fishing line and lure that it was wrapped up it. They skillfully removed the line and hooks before they were able to cause damage, and because of their quick action this bird was able to be release unharmed from the island instead of caging it to be taken in for care at the sun coast seabird sanctuary.

By Dylan and Captain Mark Hubbard

Upcoming up at Hubbard’s Marina

We only have three more 39 hour overnight fishing trips this year! The next 39 hour coming up is Friday November 21st. The final two trips are on Fridays in December. The first one in December is on the 5th and the second one happens the 19th of December. Gags close down December 3rd so hopefully you can join us this coming month! We still have mangrove snapper, porgies, vermillion, scamp, strawberries and many other fish to go after, plus the crowds are gone! Also, don’t forget that November is Captain Mark’s favorite month for gag grouper fishing, and it typically brings in some big grouper!

Want to try a specialty trip in 2015? Our specialty trip schedule will be posted to our website by the end of November sometime. When this happens, then you will be able to book any of our 12 hour night trips, 12 hour day trips, 39 hours, 44 hour full moon snapper trips, or 63 hour deep drop/pelagic trips! To see the 2014 specialty schedule, or to see where the 2015 schedule will be posted simply visit the specialty trips section of our website and then click Specialty trips schedule the green button on the top right hand side! Also, make sure all your fishing buddies are signed up for this weekly email so all your friends will hear about our specialty trips as well! You also have the option to forward this message to friends to ensure no one misses out on the important announcements.

Do you have your Christmas shopping completed? Don’t know what to get the fisherman or Dolphin enthusiast in your life? Hubbard’s Marina has the answer to your problems! We are offering $25 back for every $100 you spend on Gift certificates. Purchased gift certificates are good for anything in our shop and any trip with us including rentals. The free $25 certificates you get for every hundred spent are good for fare only. For example, spend $400 to get someone in your life tons of fun in the sun with us at Hubbard’s Marina and you get $100 for FREE good toward any trip. The 400$ certificate however is good for ANYTHING at Hubbard’s Marina including souvenirs in our shop, tackle, rods, reels, trips, rentals or anything else!

Hubbard’s marina is excited to announce we plan to offer some unique kayaking trips next year. We want to offer nature cruises, sightseeing, meditation, and island trips all from kayak and paddle boards with our experienced guides. Would you enjoy something like this? Give our kayak rentals a call to inquire about information and bookings. We can always schedule you privately or you can wait till a regularly scheduled trip!

If you plan to fish with us sometime soon, make sure to bring trolling and flat-lining tackle! The kingfish and mackerel are now rolling into the area and were picking them up on all our trips.

Reservations become imperative this time of year! If you do not have a reservation we cannot forecast our trips appropriately and we may end up canceling a trip you plan to do if you do not make your reservations. Also, once you have reservations if we have to cancel due to the cold fronts that will be starting soon we will be able to call and let you know or warn you of the adverse weather.


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