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Judy and Carl Ods, along with their children, Liz and Carl, Jr., and friend, John, from Michigan were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, FL and chartered the Happy Day Today along with the Topshotfishing team to do some deep sea sport fishing. The winds were out of the east at 7 mph, seas running 2-3 ft. with blue skies.


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Photo: Capt. Zsak

Mr. Ods told me that his son, Carl Jr., had been talking about catching a Shark for the past few weeks, so that was our target for this charter. For the past couple of weeks, large migrations of Sharks (Hammerhead, Mako, Bull, Lemon, Tiger and Thresher) have been passing by Fort Lauderdale in approximately 350 ft of water.

We left the dock and twenty minutes later lines were in the water at the Shark grounds that are in 350 ft. of water off of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We put out three Shark baits – a surface, mid-range and bottom – and waited for his arrival. Thirty minutes into it, we were hooked up on our mid-range bait as line peeled off of the 80 International Penn reel and then in a split second it went slack – pulled hook!! We reset again and waited. Then the rod with the bottom Shark bait bent over and line screamed off the reel – looks like a solid hook up!!!! Carl, Jr. hopped into the fighting chair to do battle, while we cleared the rest of the tackle. Even though he had youth on his side and was in excellent shape, the strength of the Shark and the fifty minute tug of war was whittling him down. He was ready to surrender, but, Mark, our mate and everyone else on board the boat gave him a pep talk on not quitting and it worked because twenty minutes later he brought the estimated 350 lb. Hammerhead Shark measuring 126” long to the side of the boat for picture taking and release. As well deserved, congratulations were given to Carl, Jr. by all!!!!! His family knew that his plans tonight would be staying in the hotel room resting and recharging his batteries.

Everyone retired into the a/c salon aboard the Happy Day Today for the trip back to the dock at Bahia Mar 801 Seabreeze Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33316.

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