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Marty Alkis and his baseball playing son, Trinston were in Fort Myers for a Perfect Game baseball tournament. The tournament just ended so before heading home they thought they would go fishing and catch a bunch of Redfish. Good plan but we didn’t check with the Redfish first. We saw a school of Reds first thing in the morning in about a foot of water. Their tails were sticking out of the water and it was glassy calm. Things looked perfect but after an hour or so we hadn’t hooked a redfish. The tails went down and ultimately disappeared so we turned our attention to finding some Tarpon. We ran to a spot where I have seen and hooked a few in the back bays of Pine Island Sound, during the past week. We found the rolling and gulping Tarpon and made many cast at them but they too refused our offering. Now time was running short so it was back to trying to find “feeding” redfish. After a few more redfish locations were tried, we finally caught a couple of redfish. Conditions were great all day for fishing but it just was not happening for us. Probably should have zigged when we were zagging.


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Photo: Captain Paul Hobby

Both good guys, good anglers and very patient. I hope I get a chance to fish with them again. Here are a few photos of the father and son team.

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