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Frabill’s New Bearclaw Net Gives Solo Anglers Natures Advantage

Springtime is here. Kayaks, paddleboards, and other small craft fishing vessels are being dusted off and made ready for the first trip of the season. It’s the end of hibernation, and Frabill’s New Bearclaw Trophy Haul Net is the ultimate companion.


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Created with the lone angler in mind, Frabill’s New Bearclaw Trophy Haul Nets are engineered to be used one-handed. The Bearclaw relies on a sliding grip for fluid motion and fixed forearm support for leverage. This design allows anglers to utilize an intuitive scooping motion to land fish quickly. 

The Bearclaw’s ingenious construction allows it to fit most anglers. Lightweight and packable, the Bearclaw handle folds up quick and easy for rapid transport and deployment.

For low light and early morning fishing, the Bearclaw comes equipped with a three-stage LED light mounted the handle meets the bag. The material on the mesh guard of the hoop is reflective and will interact with the LED’s making it easy to see exactly where the net is in the water.

Standard on the Bearclaw Trophy Haul Net is a net bag constructed using Frabill’s patented Conservation netting. Once landed, Frabill’s signature lockdown asymmetrical design of the net bag controls the fish as it makes its way down a gradual slope to the flat bottom of the net. This net bag keeps the fish fully supported and easy to manage.

Another standard feature of the Bearclaw Trophy Haul Net is the net bag control ring. This ring is attached to the bottom of the bag, as an original feature that allows anglers to maintain total control of the bag of the net during landing.

Product Features:

  • Bearclaw – Handle 18” Hoop size 14”x18”
  • MSRP $69.99
  • Bearclaw – With LED light Handle 18” Hoop size 14”x18”
  • MSRP $89.99

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