Freshwater Exotics Seminar

Capt Mike, host of Florida Sport Fishing TV hosts the Freshwater Exotics seminar recorded live at Chaos. If you want to master the fundamentals of fishing for peacock bass and exotic clown knife fish, this is a must watch! Topics of discussion include habitat, feeding habits and proper tackle selection.

This seminar will focus on the following species
– Clown knifefish
– Peacock Bass
– Snakeheads

Urban Canals and South Florida Lakes
– How and when did exotics get here
– Land-based fishing vs. boats
– Best seasons for each species
– Weather patterns to look out for
– A to Z rod selection
– A to Z reel selection
– Proven artificial lures that will get you closer to landing an exotic fish
– Live chumming clown knife fish
– Frog fishing for snakeheads
– Fooling bedding peacocks
– Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rules and regulations

And so much more!

The Freshwater Exotics Seminar Seminar was hosted at the Chaos Fishing store in Pompano Beach Florida. Chaos Tackle Shop is located at 4301 North Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, Florida. To watch other seminars, click here or subscribe to our Youtube channel. This seminar was presented by Captain Mike Genoun, Florida Sport Fishing magazine editor & Florida Sport Fishing TV host with guest speakers.