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FujiFilm TS 1440 Binoculars

The TS 1440 has been a staunch favorite in the marine industry for over 30 years. These binoculars seem to have a cult following if you will. Their pristine optics and reliable frame have been the foundation of its success. The TS 1440 is by far our most popular and most demanded product we offer. Ask almost any owner that have a set and they will tell you its the best pair they have owned. With 5 degrees of image stabilization and a waterproof housing it is easy to see why these would be so valuable on the water. A little clumsy? These also come with a flotation strap.  These are ideal from almost any moving vehicle, including boats and aircraft.  These image stabilized binoculars allows you to lock in on a subject at high magnification with a stabilized field of view. No more shakiness when trying to read buoys or finding the exact spot of the frigate birds.


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