Packing the performance of an open array radar in a compact 24” radome, the all-new Furuno DRS4D-NXT solid-state radar utilizes pulse compression and Doppler-based Target Analyzer technology to greatly enhance target acquisition and situational awareness. With this new technology, returns on screen that appear green are close to stationary or moving away from your boat, while targets in red are closing in at a speed of more than three knots. This acquisition and trail marking takes place quickly considering target detection happens with every 25W-powered sweep. Furthermore, exclusive RezBoost lends a sharpness equivalent to a 2° beamwidth that solidifies target detail and minimizes clutter. Range is tasked at 36-nautical miles, but dual-range mode limits this to 12-nautical miles.


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MSRP: $2,600

– Compatible with NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2
– No warm up time