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Gamakatsu® USA Offers A New Angle On Pliers

Tacoma, Washington (XXXX) – New for 2022, Gamakatsu® introduces 9-inch pliers to its lineup. Similar to the popular 6- and 7-inch pliers, the 9-inch pliers have an added 45-degree angle to provide a comfortable position for various tasks. Say goodbye to awkward angles and hello to an ergonomic, reliable tool.

Like all the pliers Gamakatsu offers, these pliers are
stainless steel with a PTFE coating to aid against
corrosion and rust. This protective plastic is sprayed on
and baked to create a nonstick, waterproof, non-
corrosive and non-reactive surface. The handles also
feature a non-slip grip that helps anglers hold on during wet conditions.

The Gamakatsu pliers have precise crimping jaws to fit various sizes of sleeves. When big-game fishing, anglers will appreciate the crimps for hard-to-work-with heavy mono. Anglers will also enjoy the precision split ring feature on the needle nose tool. This feature will cut down the time anglers spend changing or replacing split rings. These pliers also feature a multi-tasking jaw that utilizes an outside cutter to cut braid, mono, or fluorocarbon.

Included with the pliers are a lanyard and a black nylon sheath, so the pliers are right where they are needed. Gamakatsu’s heavy-duty pliers will become the favorite tool for avid salt or freshwater anglers!

Gamakatsu 9-inch Pliers Features:

Precise crimping jaws
Split Ring feature
Outside cutter cuts Braid, Mono, Fluorocarbon
Includes lanyard & sheath
45° angle provides a comfortable position for a variety of tasks Stainless Steel construction to withstand the elements
Non Slip grip for wet conditions
Length: 9″

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From humble beginnings as Japan’s smallest fishing hook manufacturer in 1955, Gamakatsu® Ltd has evolved to become the world’s preeminent hook manufacturer. Over the years, manufacturing upgrades and cutting-edge innovations have fueled Gamakatsu® USA’s rise as a top producer of fishing hooks, apparel, and fishing-related


When anglers purchase Gamakatsu® hooks, they are buying an original product made exclusively by Gamakatsu®. Gamakatsu® is continuously testing new materials and striving to improve its products, which already sets the standard for the rest of the industry.

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