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Gatorbak Announces Our newest color option “Black Clear” for the Gatorbak XP Line of our Soft Synthetic Bunk Covers (US Patent 63/382,290)

The Gatorbak XP Line is one of our most popular lines of bunk covers given it’s wide array of applications in the boating community. Customer feed back from our previous color selections Black, Gray, White, and Premium Clear have left customers wanting the Black bunks that would incorporate the lighted ability from our Premium clear color lines. With this goal in mind our Engineering team has worked hard over the last year of development to bring Black Clear to life.

Gatorbak bunk cover

Gatorbak bunk cover

The new color option will allow the customer to match their previous dark colored bunks when replacing them with the Gatorbak bunk cover solution but will retain the ability to be installed with bunk lighting options for safety and appearance purposes. Lighted bunks for easy loading at night have been in high demand since their original release in 2019 and the subsequent Gatorbak XP improvements the following year.

The new color option will be available on 21 NOV 2022 for purchase from as well as through all of our dealers and retailers. While our participating OEM customers have all been provided samples of the new color option there is no word yet when Boat manufactures may be offering the color to their customers. Contact Gatorbak for any additional Questions.


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