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Golden Reds

November is the month of golden reds!
Each year I look forward to the annual fall redfish run, and the start of this one has topped them all. We had another cold front on Tuesday and that’s a good thing, because these reds like it cold. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been on the water frequently mostly with clients and a few times with buddies enjoying some fun fishing for myself.


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There is nothing like fishing our annual redfish run. These fish are large and in charge, and they put up a fight that you’ll never forget. More fish have come over the gunnel this November than in years past. And not only have we caught more fish, the fish are averaging much bigger than past years. The next 10 days look great weather wise and I’ll be out each day with clients having a blast, I’m sure. Watching their faces is priceless when they see how big their fish is when it pops up from the blue waters of Pensacola Bay.

I think they enjoy the running and gunning to get to these schools just as much as catching them. Sometimes we have to run fast to the schools of fish to get there first, and that’s where my Triton 240 LTS comes into play as far as ride, stability, and speed. I can get you to the fish fast and safe and the ride is so smooth you’ll be hooked up before you know it!

Please keep in mind this trip is not a meat trip; it’s strictly a catch and release trip as these fish are too big to keep per Florida Regulations. So that’s why we take extra care when we release them so they can swim off to make babies and/or be caught another day by maybe you!

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