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Greetings from Sailfish World:

Today, aboard the vessel “Makaira” with Captain Jason Brice, mates Jeffrey and Wilson, along with anglers, John Killian and Jim Whitehurst we began the second day of this Sailfish School.. John and Jim learned a lot yesterday when they each caught three sailfish on fly and found out that when you don’t make mistakes it is pretty easy to catch big Sailfish on fly.


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Jim Whitehurst releasing biggest Sailfish of the day, on Fly
It was overcast and windy as we headed out this morning at 7:00 AM, at 8:40 we slowed to a trolling speed, deployed the teasers, and by 10:00 AM we had caught and released several Sailfish on fly. Both anglers missed at least one attempt at catching a fish but they both are quick learners.

John Killian releasing one of the four Sailfish he caught on fly today

As the day went on the seas got pretty choppy while the wind picked up, fishing was hard due to 3 to 6 foot seas later in the day. No problem, team Makaira raised 13 sailfish, got 9 of them to bite the fly, while John and Jim caught and released 6 big sailfish on fly.

Brian Horsley’s first group of fly anglers left today, the two boats fished 3 days and they caught and released 48 Sailfish on fly, what a great trip. Sarah arrived yesterday with their second group, they are fishing on the “Rum Line” and the “Intensity” , I will have some of there reports later, we are all enjoying paradise.

I love my job, wish you were here, by the way there are still a few prime dates left available here at Casa Vieja Lodge during April and May. Feel free to contact me if you have any interest, fishing is still really good. Stay tuned for more reports and great pictures coming soon.


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