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Greetings from Sailfish World:

Today was the last of three days of fly fishing for sailfish in this Sailfish School, Chris and Isabel Weatherley along with Eric Hirschhorn from Dallas Texas. We had a cold front come through with some wind and rain during the night, then on our way out we caught up to that front. Fishing today was slower than the last few days, however Each angler had several bites and we wound up releasing 2 sailfish from six bites today.


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Isabel who is actually 13 years of age, caught and released four sailfish with several weighting close to 120 pounds, all on 20 pound IGFA class tippet during this her first time ever seeing a sailfish let alone catching them on fly. Chris and Eric both caught several each day and fro the three day Sailfish School our team caught and released 14 Sailfish on fly in 3 days. I was very impressed with how well this group of fly anglers did here in the middle of the Sailfish world. All ended with big smiles, these fly anglers will return to Casa Vieja Lodge real soon.

This is why I love my job, wish you were here. Tomorrow I start another Sailfish School with two new clients, Jim Whitehurst from Florida, and John Killian from South Carolina. Stay tuned for more reports.


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