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Greetings from Rainy North Carolina:

Just got a report from my friend Kirk Weisman who is fly fishing for billfish aboard the vessel Intensity with Captain Mike Sheeder, out of the Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala. Yesterday Kirk along with the “Intensity” team caught and released 9 sailfish on fly from 12 bites, a great way to begin his trip. Remember that the fly fishing for Sailfish is still red hot in Guatemala and there are still a few prime dates available during April and May, give me a call if you have the need to go to paradise and catch a bunch of Sailfish or Marlin on fly?


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Will home in my office for the rest of this month, I do hope to get over to the river to fly fish for some Hickory Shad and Rock Fish next week before heading down to The Florida Keys for my Tarpon season. My plan is to head down to Florida around the beginning of April, move into my rental home on April 4, and begin Tarpon fishing on April 5. This year looks like a prime season for Tarpon as the cold weather is holding on up to now, which means the Tarpon are in place and ready to eat my POON BUGS. I am booked solid during April, and May, however I just got canceled for the following four prime dates during June: 8, 9, 10, 11. Let me know if you want to catch a bunch of big Tarpon, at night, on the fly?

My Blue Marlin on fly Schools during June, July, and August are working out well, however I do still have a few prime dates available. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, the worlds best chance to catch multiple Blue Marlin on fly in one charter, (you snooze you Loose) Book your trip now for this summer.

I am going to a fly fishing lodge called Hoodoo Lodge in way western Alaska with my buddy Tony Weaver. Rod Chew built this lodge way out in the wilderness as a first class operation with what Tony describes as the best Silver location in western Alaska. There is room at the lodge for four more fly anglers to join us between September 11 and September 18 for some excellent Silver fly fishing,
give me a call if you are interested?

By the way, One of my good clients has some Tibor fly reels for sale, They are all black, in very good condition, 2 Gulfstream fly reels, 2 Riptides, and one Everglades. If you have any interest, these are very good reels for a fair price, give me a call? I love my Job, stay tuned for the latest fly fishing reports.


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